Limited Edition 130+ Page Arcadia Photo Book & DVD Set

Limited Edition 130+ Page Arcadia Photo Book & DVD Set

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This limited edition photo book contains over 130 pages of behind the scenes photos from the filming of ArcadiaAlso includes one DVD copy of the full Arcadia movie.

Featuring the photography of: Theo Muse, Mike Yoshida, Grant Gunderson, Darcy Bacha, Adam "Beef" Ruzzamenti, Cyril Mueller, Dominic Zimmermann, Ben Birk, Oli Gagnon, Remi Petit, Kevin Backstrom, Daniel Bernstal, Andy Wright, Brian Walker, Victor Daviet, Scott Serfas, Tor Lundstrom, Chris Wellhausen, Nick Hamilton, Danny Kern, Tom Monterosso, Grego Campi, and Stephan Jende.

About Arcadia:

TransWorld SNOWboarding presents its seventh full length film, Arcadia. Arcadia documents snowboarders in a perpetual pursuit of paradise. Arcadia is an image or idea of life in a place believed to be perfect. It is a promised land. It is untouched turns, lap after lap. A polished handrail with no cops. A pristine cliff with a bottomless landing.

Featuring: Halldór Helgason, Alek Oestreng, BYND X MDLS, Victor Daviet, Jesse Paul, 
The Manboys, Jordan Small, Victor De Le Rue, Red Gerard